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  1. Can I save money by using Squid in the classroom?

  2. Cloud Backup

  3. Deploying the Squid EDU Bulk License app to managed Chromebooks

  4. Do I have to purchase the premium features for each of my devices?

  5. Does Squid work with Google Classroom and Google Drive?

  6. Does Squid work with the DirectStylus?

  7. How can I join the beta testing program?

  8. How can I use Squid as a teacher?

  9. How do I access the Squid settings?

  10. How do I add / insert a page?

  11. How do I add / insert an image?

  12. How do I cast and present to a Chromecast or external display?

  13. How do I change the color of objects on a page?

  14. How do I change the default note background or page size?

  15. How do I change the font size of text?

  16. How do I change the note thumbnail to show the first page?

  17. How do I change the page background?

  18. How do I change the page direction/orientation?

  19. How do I change the page size?

  20. How do I change the size of an image?

  21. How do I change the weight / thickness of handwriting, highlights, and shapes?

  22. How do I clear a page?

  23. How do I copy something to the clipboard?

  24. How do I create a backup in Google Drive?

  25. How do I create a backup?

  26. How do I create a note?

  27. How do I create a notebook?

  28. How do I crop an image?

  29. How do I cut (copy and delete) something?

  30. How do I delete a notebook?

  31. How do I delete objects on a page?

  32. How do I deploy Squid to managed Chromebooks?

  33. How do I duplicate / copy a page?

  34. How do I duplicate a note?

  35. How do I duplicate something?

  36. How do I edit / delete text?

  37. How do I empty the Trash?

  38. How do I export a note as a PDF to turn in using Google Classroom?

  39. How do I export a note?

  40. How do I export a notebook?

  41. How do I export multiple notes?

  42. How do I find trashed notes?

  43. How do I get the tool I have chosen to work with my finger?

  44. How do I import a PDF that's on my device or SD card?

  45. How do I import a PDF?

  46. How do I import a Squid Note file?

  47. How do I make a bulk purchase of Squid Premium for my classroom, school, or organization?

  48. How do I make Squid the default note-taking app on my Chromebook?

  49. How do I manage or cancel my Amazon Appstore Squid Premium subscription?

  50. How do I manage or cancel my Google Play Squid Premium subscription?

  51. How do I manage or cancel Squid Premium?

  52. How do I mirror a note to a Chromecast or external display?

  53. How do I move an image?

  54. How do I move notes between notebooks?

  55. How do I move or rearrange pages in a note?

  56. How do I open a PDF assignment from Google Classroom in Squid?

  57. How do I open directly to a new note?

  58. How do I open directly to a specific notebook?

  59. How do I open the page actions menu?

  60. How do I paste something from the clipboard?

  61. How do I permanently delete a trashed note?

  62. How do I redeem the Squid Premium Chromebook Perk?

  63. How do I remove / delete a page?

  64. How do I remove / delete an image?

  65. How do I remove the 2017-2018 EDU Bulk License app?

  66. How do I rename a note?

  67. How do I rename a notebook?

  68. How do I restore a backup?

  69. How do I restore a canceled Squid Premium subscription?

  70. How do I restore a trashed note?

  71. How do I rotate an image?

  72. How do I select all notes in a notebook?

  73. How do I select an object?

  74. How do I select everything on a page?

  75. How do I sort notebooks?

  76. How do I sort notes?

  77. How do I switch between the monthly and yearly Squid Premium subscription?

  78. How do I switch to View-only mode while reading my notes so I don’t accidentally make any changes?

  79. How do I trash (delete) a note?

  80. How do I zoom back to 100% (or another specified zoom)?

  81. How does the Samsung multi-window feature work?

  82. I need to factory reset my device. Will my purchases be restored?

  83. I purchased Cloud Backup. Why is it still disabled?

  84. I received a prompt to uninstall and reinstall Squid, but after reinstalling, my backup was not automatically restored. How do I restore it?

  85. I want my finger to write/draw. Why does it keep erasing things?

  86. Is Squid compatible with Chromebooks / Chrome OS?

  87. Is subscribing to Squid Premium the only way to get the premium features?

  88. My premium features are missing! What happened?

  89. My premium features I purchased through Google Play are missing! What happened?

  90. PDF Import

  91. STAEDTLER Noris Digital

  92. Students - Compare similar sizes/angles of math shapes.

  93. Students - Complete a worksheet.

  94. Students - Create an art project.

  95. Students - Do math or science homework.

  96. Students - Make a "thank you" gift.

  97. Students - Play Pictionary.

  98. Students - Play Telephone.

  99. Students - Practice handwriting.

  100. Students - Review your notes for a test.

  101. Students - Take notes during class.

  102. Students - Trace a picture.

  103. Students - Write a story.

  104. Teachers - General note-taking

  105. Teachers - Grade student papers

  106. Teachers - Grade student presentations/work with a rubric

  107. Teachers - Plan for the big event

  108. Teachers - Use a tablet as a virtual whiteboard

  109. Teachers (or Students) - Give a presentation with annotations

  110. Tool Pack

  111. Troubleshooting the Squid EDU Bulk License app

  112. What Android permissions are required by Squid?

  113. What are the premium paper backgrounds?

  114. What benefit does Squid have for my students?

  115. What can I do with my pen side button?

  116. What grade levels can use Squid?

  117. What happens if I cancel Squid Premium?

  118. What happens when I insert a password protected PDF into a note?

  119. What is a passive or capacitive pen/stylus?

  120. What is a Squid Note (.squidnote) file?

  121. What is an active pen/stylus?

  122. What is Squid Premium?

  123. What keyboard shortcuts are available?

  124. What kind of pen/stylus do I need?

  125. What subjects are best with Squid?

  126. Where are my notes saved on Android?

  127. Which Chromebooks / Chrome Tablets work best with Squid?

  128. Which devices support low-latency ink in Squid?

  129. Why do I need to download Squid to use this license?

  130. Why do I need to purchase the license if I’ve already downloaded Squid?

  131. Why doesn't Drive or app ____ show up on my Chromebook when I import a PDF?

  132. Why doesn't Gmail, Drive, or app ____ show up on my Chromebook when I export a note?

  133. Why doesn't my pen side button work on my Pixelbook, Pixel Slate, or other Chromebook / Chrome OS device?

  134. Why doesn't my Samsung S Pen side button work?

  135. Why doesn't Photos, Drive, or app ____ show up on my Chromebook when I add an image?

  136. Why is Papyrus now called Squid?

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