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How do I create a note?

There are several ways to create a new note. From the Squid main screen, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner, then choose one of the following:
  1. Default note - This will create a new note using the default note background. To change the default note background see this article.

  2. Note - This will launch a screen to choose a background to use for the new note.

  3. Import PDF - This will launch a screen to choose a PDF to use as the background of the new note. If the PDF contains multiple pages, the note will initially contain the same number of pages.
For all the above options, the new note will be created in the current notebook (or in Unfiled Notes if not in a notebook).

In addition, you can also create a new note:
  1. By importing a PDF from outside Squid (see How do I import a PDF? option #3).

  2. Via a home screen shortcut or the Chromebook stylus tools menu, see How do I open directly to a new note?.

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