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Cloud Backup

With the Cloud Backup premium feature you can now backup all your notes in Squid to cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box. This creates a backup file of all your notes and saves them in Dropbox and/or Box in the folder Apps/Squid App/ (or Apps/Papyrus App/). Backups can be performed manually by checking Backup database and Backup now under the Cloud backup settings, or by setting up a backup interval to keep your backup in Dropbox and/or Box up-to-date.

You can restore a particular backup for a device (or on another device) if, for example, you have performed a factory reset, uninstalled the app, deleted notes you didn't mean to, or purchased a new device. At this time you have to restore all your notes at once to the previous state. This will overwrite all your current notes, so make sure this is what you want to do!

In addition, you can export all your notes as PDFs to Dropbox and Box both manually and at a set interval as well. This will keep a copy of all your notes available on any device that can view PDFs and has access to your Dropbox/Box account.

The Cloud Backup premium feature is part of Squid Premium, or can be purchased as an in-app purchase within Squid. Once purchased, the Cloud backup section of the Squid Settings (under Backup and restore) will be enabled.

Check out our demo video of the Cloud Backup premium feature on Android:

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If you're having trouble with Cloud Backup being enabled after purchasing, see I purchased Cloud Backup. Why is it still disabled?

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